Dinner Table takes place over the course of a single meal in the home of Dr. Charles Kensington and his wife Patricia, an unhappily married pair of mental health professionals. After years of marital conflict, their verbal swordplay has reached Olympic caliber - but tonight, one of them will cross a line.

The project began life as a personal challenge to write/shoot/edit a film in six weeks (click here to view our production calendar). But somewhere during all the sleepless nights, the crazed running around, and the hair-pulling, Dinner Table took on a life of its own, and became much more than we anticipated.

The film was shot on Super 16mm film in just two days, in the home of a bewilderingly generous couple (who were not at all like the Kensingtons) in Robbinsville, New Jersey. It is currently being submitted to festivals domestically and abroad.